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Initial setting
(Machine translation. I am fortunate to tell.)Please take all the work at your own risk.

WSJT_HTML requires installation of .NET Framework. Depending on the OS, it is installed as standard.

Detailed information on obtaining and setting Digi - Sites, WSJT - X is detailed onJH3ECA Mr. Nakajima 's website Please refer to that.

☆ Please install and use DDigi-Sites,. (WSJT_HEML is running with reference to the Digi-Sites registration list.

It is conditional that the received call is registered in the Digi - Sites list.
(It can be confirmed by setting Digi - Sites -> site editing.)
In rare cases, if the received image does not appear in WSJT_HTML, please confirm that Url in RxMsg is correct.
If Url has not been updated due to registration change etc. of Digi-Sites
Please set the Dirctry location of Digi - Sites of WSJT_HTML again.

☆ WSJT-XPlease install. Two modes of JT 9 and JT 65 A 9 are carried.
I am sending and receiving with this software. (S / N ratio sensitivity takes precedence over transmission power.)
For the method of setting WSJT - X, please search on the net "WSJT - X. I have a lot of hits.
Images are downloaded based on WSJT-X decoded characters.

WSJT-X User Guide

By installing Digi-Sites you can grasp the operation situation of you.

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☆ WSJT-X installed? * The following settings will vary depending on the version.

Please be sure to check the number of spaces.
Start up with shortcut.
download WSJT_Images.zip
     List of folders and file paths


└─WSJT_Images : Folder
          ├─Auto : Folder
          ├─Rx : Folder
          ├─Tx : Folder
          │banned : file
          │ftps.exe : Application (.exe)
          │setDataImage.jpg : JPG file (SetImage image)
          │setWSJT.cfg : CFG file (setting)
          │WSJT_HTML.exe : Application (.exe)
          │WSJT_HTML : shortcut
          │LastRXList.txt : Created by reception
          │LastRX.jpg : Created by reception
          │Others: Created by reception

【SetUP item】Top  Next
Please describe according to each environment by referring to the following. All required items
If WSJT - X is not running, folders are not displayed when setting [C: \ Users \ **** \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ WSJT - X].

* MyCALL setting is Call registered to Digi-Sites. In case of multiple registration, please set Call according to Url.
* Please set so that Call will not be the same for Digi-Sites registration.
(Duplication not possible) JH4JVT is uzusionet.com/, JH4JVT-2 is www13.plala.or.jp/
ECH Mode can not be used with JH4JVT - 2. (It can not be used with the number limit of WSJT-X.)

>Select tab MyCALL MyWebAddress >MyWebUserName >MyWebPassWord >MyWebDire >WSJT-X Title >Fixed setting >Browse button >Browse button >Digi-Sites >Browse button >WSJT-X >Browse button >Browse button >Delete All UpLoad Files >Operation message >SetSave >ReStart AutoHaltTX/RecievedStation

Multiple startup method: It is possible to start with option at startup.
Start up with shortcut.
For example, C: \ JTDX \ JTDX \ bin \ wsjtx.exe - rig-name = FT-897 Add red part
C: \ Users \ xxxx \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ JTDX-FT-897 \ etc.
A new folder is also created. Please also change folder designation.
Your configuration depends on your contract provider
The setting of FFFTP is introduced by the provider. In case of multiple activation, please set either.

☆ WSJT-XIs it installed? * The following settings will vary depending on the version.
WSJT-X folder setting : ALL.TXT

WSJT-X Title Bar settings

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C] JTDX v1.x

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]

→ [Ctrl]+[C]
Please be sure to check the number of spaces.

Configuration example for JTDX
About title name can be confirmed about JTAlert in JTDX JTAlert Help.

JTDX v.17.x ( Distribution destination )
wsjtx-1.7.0-devel-R6256-win32 Confirmed It is already upgraded and it can not be obtained at the headquarters.
* To change the version, delete it using the [Add / Remove Programs] tool on the control panel.
* Also delete (C: \ Users \ Users \ AppData \ Local \ WSJT - X) in the WSJT - X folder and the bug is fixed by reinstalling.
     Setting explanation】setUP  Next
Brief description Short description
* 1 Select tab [Selection] tab
* 2 MyCALL(Call sign of Digi-Sites registration) Digi-Sites registered call sign
* 3 My Web Address My Web Address ftp host name (address)
* 4 My Web User Name My Web User Name User name
* 5 My Web Pass Word My Web Pass Word Password / Passphrase
* 6 My Web Dire My Web Dire Host Folder
* 7 WSJT-X Title Set the program name of WSJT-X Title WSJT-X
* 8 Fixed setting Fixed setting fixed setting item
* 9 Browse button Browse button [>] Reference button Default setting
* 10 Digi-Sites Designation Digi-Sites Designation C: \ Users \ *** \ AppData \ Roaming \ Digi-Sites \ Please specify.
(I am looking at the opponent's URL list at the time of reception.)
* 11 Browse button Browse button [>] Reference button \ Roaming \ Digi-Sites \
* 12 WSJT-X Designation WSJT - X Designation C: \ Users \ *** \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ WSJT - X \ Please specify.
(I will read the reception command of WSJT-X.)
* 13 Browse button Browse button Browse button \ Local \ Temp \ WSJT - X \
* 14 Browse button Browse button [∨] wsjtx - 1.4.0 ro wsjtx - 1.5.0 Please select by pulldown
(Paste command to WSJT - X Vxx at the time of sending.)
* 15 Delete All UpLoad Files Delete All UpLoad Files You can delete the file sent to the server with [Your server UP] at the end.
* 16 Operation message Operation message Operation message
* 17 Save Settings Save Settings If you change the save setting, be sure to save it.
* 18 Setting call(ReStart) Setting call (ReStart) setting call Please be sure to read and reflect the setting.
* 19 AutoHaltTX/RecievedStation AutoHaltTX / RecievedStation Acquire reception information of Digi-Sites / Enable Enable TX stop [W] of WSJT-X

The order of activation is 1: Digi - Sites 2: WSJT - X 3: WSJT_HTML. ※ Please start WSJT_HTML the first time.

 * We have confirmed the phenomenon that WSJT_HTML and WSJT-X do not stick to each other when overlapping on the screen.
Please arrange so that they do not overlap.

【Uninstall】Top  Next
1, C: \ directly under the WSJT_Images folder.
Please delete the holder.
【Security exception】Top
Add to Windows Firewall exception

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